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Coulter Physical Therapy in Russellville has been committed to serving local residents since 1989, taking a hands-on, goal-driven approach to each patient we treat.

From our accessible, 5,000 square foot clinic at the foot of the hill on Skyline Drive in the west end of Russellville, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive customized therapy designed to help them heal injuries and decrease pain.

Each patient is assessed and a comprehensive plan of care is designed by our trained and licensed physical therapists. An individualized treatment program is developed and professionally delivered. We take a holistic, whole-patient approach and provide the latest in evidence-based care.

We offer a number of unique services including:

  • Our Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill which can take up to 80% of your weight off the legs and spine allowing exercise without pain.
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity studies to assist in diagnosis and treatment of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis
  • elbow.
  • Job Placement Assessments and Functional Capacity Evaluations to assist area employers to appropriately match workers to actual abilities.
  • Wellness services such as our unique “Gain and Maintain” program invites patients to return to our clinic and transition to wellness by doing
  • additional training on the machines that helped in their healing process supervised by our therapy staff.
  • Bone density screening and consultation in weight bearing exercises to decrease the effects of osteoporosis.
  • Balance and fall prevention programs.
  • We consider our patients to be partners with us in their healing and wellness. Our patients will receive education of their condition and home exercise instruction when appropriate to ensure a return to normal levels of activity as quickly as possible.