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Video Testimony from Leslie A.

The therapists have been awesome. They listened to any concerns I had and addressed them. They worked with me to strengthen my muscles and improve mobility. They monitored me so that I did not push myself too quickly and did not have any pain. Thanks to physical therapy I can now function in my daily tasks and feel that I improve daily.


I’ve had a very good experience with Coulter Physical Therapy.  They staff have been great in helping me with just what I need. I have been to physical therapy before a number of times and I have to say, Coulter has been the best!  They pay attention to what your needs are.  I would recommend them highly to anyone needing physical therapy.


When I first came to Coulter Physical Therapy, I was unable to utilize my right shoulder, even for the most minimal of tasks.  At first, I was hesitant that therapy could help because I had so much pain.  I continued my program and performed all of my home exercises as instructed.  I soon began to realize that my range of motion and strength were slowly improving.   I am now remarkably better and am proud to say that I am performing tasks that I have not been able to in years.  This facility is top notch, taking every minute of their time with you to make sure you are on task and maximizing your time here.  I would recommend Coulter to everyone.  My experience here has markedly improved my life.


When I started to come here, I had pain levels of 7/10 to 10/10 and now my pain is as low as 3/10 most of the time.  Coulter Physical Therapy has helped me tremendously!  These folks know what they are doing and I would 10/10 recommend them.


I am very much improved.  I am walking so much better and my pain is almost completely gone.  I feel that the staff is doing a great job. Coming to Coulter Physical Therapy was a great choice for me!